Mass✠Patronal Mass – St. Francis of Assisi✠Year A✠ – Sunday 4th October 2020

The Oratory of St. Francis of Assisi✠ – Southampton.

Celebrant – Abp✠✠Martyn.

Assisting the Mass – Deacon Ron✠.

Homily given by – Abp✠✠Martyn.

Reading of the Holy Gospel – Deacon Ron✠.

First Reading & Responsorial Psalm –Carol Douglas.

Second Reading – Andy Williams – Tessac Tech Support.

Abp ✠✠Martyn recites The Angelus Prayer: – End of Mass.

Photographs by – Mick Brown – Church Warden & Andy Williams – Tessac Tech Support.

Birthday’s this past week, ✠✠Martyn, our Archbishop, Paul Tackley & Andy Williams – Tessa Tech Support.