Palm✠Sunday✠Year A – Sunday 5th April 2020

The Oratory of St. Francis of Assisi✠ – Southampton. Celebrant – Abp ✠✠Martyn. Homily given by – Abp ✠✠Martyn. Reading of the Holy Gospel – Abp ✠✠Martyn. First Reading & Responsorial Psalm – Abp ✠✠Martyn. Second Reading – Abp ✠✠Martyn. Abp ✠✠Martyn. Recites the midday Angelus Prayer. Photographs taken by TESSAC Tech-support. Note: Due to the coronavirus the faithful will be absent. Abp ✠✠Martyn will be conducting the Eucharist over the Church webcam for those TESSAC parishioners wishing to watch. Also, now via YOUTUBE Don’t forget to Like & Subscribe. ✠✠✠