The Parish of Saint Francis

The Parish of Saint Francis, in the Diocese of Hamtun, Southampton, Hampshire

We are an Independent Catholic Church in West End, Southampton. The oratory is private and not open to the general public,  although we would welcome new members.  Please speak to Bishop Martyn if you would like to be invited along.

Sunday Mass 10.30 am

The Order of Mass - The New English Translation
Selection of Photos From the Parish
Meet some of the Laity, the Parishioners, of St. Francis. They contribute to the life of the Parish in many different ways, by reading the lessons, helping with refreshments, flower arranging, and much more.
We have a strict policy on child protection in place in the parish. The clergy are never placed in the position of being alone with children or vulnerable adults under any circumstances.

The Parish of Saint Francis is a small but dedicated parish here in Southampton.  We recently built our own oratory, where we worship every Sunday, and daily services are held.

We at St. Francis would like to share some of our recent events which can be found in our Gallery section